Welcome to the 2050 Pathways Platform

The 2050 pathway platform is a multi-stakeholder initiative launched at COP 22 by High-Level Climate Champions Laurence Tubiana and Hakima El Haite to support countries seeking to develop long-term, net zero-GHG, climate-resilient and sustainable-development pathways. Designed as a space for collective problem-solving, the platform will also build a broader constellation of cities, states, and companies engaged in long-term low-emissions planning of their own, and in support of the national strategies.

27 countries, 15 cities, 17 regions and states, and 192 companies joined the platform

“The platform will support countries seeking to develop long-term, deep decarbonization strategies, including through the sharing of resources, knowledge and experiences”


The Low Emission Development Strategies Global Partnership (LEDS GP) has initiated an expert advisory service on long-term strategies as a contribution to the 2050 Pathways Platform. ...

The European Parliament adopted on 17 January its position on the EU’s Energy Union Governance Regulation. Whilst only a step in the legislative process of the EU, the Parliament’s vote lent strong political support to the development of an ambitious long-term decarbonisation pathway for the Union, which is the third largest emitter of GHG globally....